Help us solve the biggest challenges
in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence

our goal?

We are looking for expert startups, scaleups and academic experts who can innovate smartly to help us enable opportunities to make significant business impact in the area of robotics & artificial intelligence.

What's in it
for you?

15,000 Euros Prize Money
But more importantly: an opportunity to initiate a collaboration or implementation with some of the corporate partners.

Explore the challenges

  • Service bots for improved interaction with consumers
    Examples of specific needs of focused on consumer products are:

    Chat or voice-bots to deliver value for consumers and enable frictionless interaction from purchase and supply.

    Robots which enable new solutions in the home. This includes superior solutions for laundry care, robotics for floor, window or dish cleaning. Can physical robots or artificial intelligence create novel care solutions or delight in the cleaning process.

    Artificial intelligence solutions that enable current installed based of devices to provide novel benefits in laundry, dish and other home care applications.
  • Bots for improved quality and efficiency in innovation laboratories
    Robotics to automate routine lab testing with extensive flexibility for changes as R&D efforts change. Examples are washing dishes, surfaces or garments. Or, spraying surfaces.

    Optical character recognition, Robotic process automation, Natural language processing, Machine Learning and chat/voice-bots to simplify and accelerate development processes and decision making.
  • Bots in the production process
    Increasing speed and payload of robots and cobots, while maintaining safe operating conditions – possibly through novel health and safety procedures, equipment and protocols.

    Applying robots to end-to-end tasks in production processes. For example having a robotic system capable of managing the full set of tasks to supply carton to a packing line. How to enable robots to be flexible enough for this?

    Software-bots (leveraging AI / language recognition) for tasks such as: prediction of ‘losses’ in operations instantly and optimize flow and resource utilization real-time, automate routine data generation (e.g. shift handover reports), creation of meeting reports, managing task follow-up in projects, assessment of technical readiness of projects.
  • Bots in logistics
    Sort and palletize a mixed flow of products coming on a conveyer out of a container (unloading). And vice versa, a solution that can take products from a pallet and put them on the conveyer (loading). The solution needs to be able to:

    • Recognize the different products on the conveyer.
    • Pick the products from the conveyer.
    • Put them on the right place on the right pallet (sorted by product).

What is the timeline ?

  • Kick-off Event

    Note: this event can be joined remotely with video connection.

    1. Abinbev incubator in New York;
    2. P&G at Inqbet accelerator campus in Brussels;
    3. P&G at Airmaker incubator in Singapore.

    During the kick-off, you will get the final information about the challenges, form final teams and pitch your start-up. It is important to create a team that is capable to develop an MVP to demonstrate at the final pitching session.

  • Start of Weekly Team-Ups

    Half day Open-Door team scrum sessions together with company coaches. In alignment with the confirmed team members, the coaches organise the sessions for their specific teams on a weekly basis, either virtually and/or physically. In addition coaches/experts are available 24/7 on the InQbet online plarform to help drive progress.

  • Pitch rehearsals

    The teams present their final solution and how they plan to bring it to the Finals.


    Will be held physically in the 3 locations: P&G InQbet Campus in Brussels, AIRmaker in Singapore and the AB Inbev incubator in Newark.
    Senior executives of the major companies will be present and will select the winners.
    Not able to pitch in person? Remote video pitch is also possible!

Physical kick-off: three locations


October 27

P&G Brussels

Temselaan 100
1853 Grimbergen

October 29

P&G Singapore

79 Ayer Rajah Crescent #03-01
Singapore 139955

October 30-31

AB Inbev Newark

TechSupply Incubator
200 U.S. Highway 1,
Newark, NJ 07114

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